Wednesday, January 17, 2018

how to make herbal balms & salves

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herbal beeswax salve by Stella Crown
One of the favourite cosmetic creations that beginners prefer and love, are balms and salves because they are easy to make as they consist only two main ingredients: oil and beeswax or plant wax. Balms and salves are actually half-sterile ointments based on beeswax and enriched with herbal infused oils that are traditionally used to nourish and hydrate a fully dehydrated skin and relieve a variety of irritations, wounds, burns etc. The only thing that you have to do is to add a certain quantity of wax; the more wax, the more solid the balm.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

diy moisturising facial gel-cream with aloe vera & evening primrose

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aloe vera & evening primrose gel-cream by Stella Crown
Some years ago, in my first attempts to make creams and lotions, I tried to make a moisturizing gel-cream for my face. This came up because I have oily skin and cold cream, the only cream I made at that time, it was totally greasy for me. It was also a quick solution with easy ingredients, to have a cream immediately, because the only thing I had to do was just mixing. It's basically aloe vera gel, in which I added soy lecithin and voila! a refreshing cream with sweet and pleasant fragrance that leaves the skin hydrated and silky.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

diy biphasic eyebrow growth serum

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biphasic eyebrow growth serum by Stella Crown
When I decided to thicken and strengthen my eyebrows I knew I had to walk a very long and difficult path😅 First of all, forget the tweezers for at least a month! Yes, it is a personal, endless and unbearable drama to see your eyebrows in this situation everyday to your mirror and it’s also annoying to listen everybody telling you “ohhh what’s wrong with your face?????” 😱. Reinforce yourself with patience and listen to me: Stay away from your tweezers!!! Your eyebrows will thank you for this, soon or after, believe me.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

diy candy swirl melt & pour soap

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diy candy swirl melt & pour soap by Stella Crown
To finish this year with a sweet taste, which was not easy at least for me, I chose another one candy soap that you can make it quick and easy even at the last moment and give it as a festive gift to your people.
For this period of celebrations, the colour that is used most is red, white or even green, while later you can use pastel colours, ideal to welcome Spring. Today’s craft is divided into three parts in execution and description in order to understand even a beginner. Let’s cook!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

diy candy cane melt & pour soap

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candy cane soap by Stella Crown
Like last year, I and my fellow workers are participating in Christmas bazaars this year again, where money will be allocated to the school needs. So, I set my imagination to work and this time I turned the classic Christmas candy canes into soap! Nice challenge, don’t you think?