Wednesday, December 13, 2017

diy melt & pour Christmas soap bundt cakes

(για Ελληνικά, μεταφερθείτε προς τα κάτω)
Christmas soap bundt cakes by Stella Crown
Another festive project is posted at the last moment as always because I am from Greece and Greeks are popular for this feature? behaviour? something like that! 😂 Christmas bundt cake in the menu for today, the famous dessert because of its pronunciation, the cake of Toula's Portocalos parents-in-law, from “My big fat Greek wedding”!!! The crucial scene I am talking about is here 😆😆😅
And because we loved the exotic African black soap, I used again the black soap base made of shea butter and coconut oil, by adding this time 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

αλκάννα η βαφική, ένα άρθρο πορφυροντυμένο (alkanna tinctoria, alkanet root)

(για Ελληνικά μεταφερθείτε προς τα κάτω)
blue flowered alkanna tinctoria with precious red roots
Its flowers reminds us the alpine forget-me-not flower (Myosotis alpestris) and it makes sense because they belong to the same family, while the extracted colour from its root is deep red! Today the post is dedicated to alkanna tinctoria which belongs in the flowering plant family Boraginaceae, a therapeutic herb known since antiquity, native to the eastern Mediterranean.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

diy African Black melt & pour Soap Cake

(για Ελληνικά, μεταφερθείτε προς τα κάτω)
African Black melt & pour Soap Cake by Stella Crown
This time the menu has a different soap, an exotic soap, a soap with roots in Africa!Actually, it is a mixture of coconut oil  and shea butter, rich in antioxidant ingredients, cleanses in deep and the most important, it doesn’t “dry” the skin comparing it with other soaps of the market; it moisturises the skin so much that you don’t need to apply a lotion on you after bathing! 
It does not contain SLS.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

diy eléa shampoo with black pearl extract & silk protein

(για Ελληνικά, μεταφερθείτε προς τα κάτω)
eléa natural shampoo by Stella Crown
If something is missing from the blog, this is for sure a hair shampoo. I think, it was about time to make one! So, I prepared a special product SLS free and can also be used as a shower gel for your body. 2 in 1! How cool is this? It is suitable for everybody and especially for hair loss treatment. Ideal for hair repair & treatment after summer! It strengthens the hair, makes it smoothed and soft, gives a silky texture, while if you use it as a shower gel, your skin will shine literally!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

diy nail polish

(για Ελληνικά, μεταφερθείτε προς τα κάτω)
nail polishes by Stella Crown
Nail polish is an easy and beautiful way to change up your look directly😍😘 To be more specific, in Greece, the last few years the topic "nails" is one of the most profitable businesses. You rarely see a woman or even men with non- treated nails anymore while the nail spa sprouts like mushrooms at a vertiginous speed.
Creating your own nail polish, you have the ability to make custom shades!